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War Thunder and Microsoft’s Unspoken Limitation? Your take on the Matter?

Posted on 3/31/2014 by with 1 comment

War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment announced a new feature that will be added to War Thunder once it’s released on PS4.  The game will feature a multi-platform for the console game players and their existing PC gamers.  But unfortunately due to some restriction, the multiplatform feature will not be available to Xbox One, this is the reason why the developers are skipping the release of the War Thunder on the said console.

Furthermore they said that Microsoft is requiring some certifications in order for them to allow the cross-platform mode, but sadly it is impossible for Gaijin to produce a certification from the servers that will guarantee a great feedback from the players.  On the other hand, Sony is more than willing to support the multi-platform mode that War thunder is offering to the audience.  They are happy to announce that the said feature will be available on the next month.

Meanwhile Microsoft release a statement and said that they are willing to work with any developers who will assure the company that they can offer the players with the best gaming experience.  Gaijin lauded the Microsoft’s initiative but also hoped that they will alter the “unspoken limitation” that will eventually allow them to launch War Thunder on Xbox One.

Earlier this month, It was reported that HR department of Xbox Live is currently seeking for an engineer that will work on a new framework, that will allow Xbox one to extend on iOS and Android.   So what is stopping them from doing collaboration with PS4?  Do they really have a set of rules for the developers to consider, or they just lay their policies based on what is advantageous to them?

I am not entirely dissing Microsoft due to this “Unspoken Restriction”, of course they have all the rights to implement their rules and uphold the company’s value.  But having said that, they could’ve at least informed the developers about their policies, they have exerted too much resources and effort in improving the game.  I can imagine Gaijin Entertainment having a broken heart upon hearing that their creation would not be available in some consoles.   Not only those developers, but how about the fans who have been waiting for the release of this game on Xbox One?  With all due respect, people behind the Microsoft Company, while you have offer us some good games to play and pioneer some of the trends in the games, I sincerely think that it is not for you to conclude whether a game will gain positive feedback from the players.  Kakuto Chojin has been well promoted but to our dismay it fell short on our expectation.   Personally I am dismayed when I heard the news, but I am not losing my hope that one of these days, Microsoft will come to their senses and lift their “unspoken Limitation.”


One response to War Thunder and Microsoft’s Unspoken Limitation? Your take on the Matter?

  1. On April 1st, 2014 at 3:14 am , OverlordTomala said...

    It all comes down to money. Microsoft makes a bunch of it on these certifications. They love it when companies need to patch a game because it means they’ll get a good cash flow from it.

    Another thing to think about too: Microsoft doesn’t seem to have much of an interest in multiplatform gaming with the exception of Project Spark (for XBox One and Windows 8 only). They have always been one to push people to use their consoles and/or the most current Windows OS, so it would go against their best interests.

    Sony on the other hand had success with Portal 2 working between PS3 and PC. Why not add War Thunder to it?

    I’m not a console gamer, but I do like seeing Sony keep an open mind and I hope more games become cross compatible. Microsoft is long overdue for a wakeup call.

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