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What Does It Take To Be a Big Hit?

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A question every developer wants to know, but is there really a right formula to hit it big in the gaming world?  Let us analyze some games that gained a huge popularity on this field and examine what made them successful.


Here are some of them (do not hate me if you’re favorite is not in the list, we are just analyzing game and not ranking them).


Valkyrie Profile-Valkyrie Profile is a game based on the life of the Valkyrie of death in the Norse Mythology.  Developed by tri-ace and published by Enix, this game captured the attention of thousands of individuals due to its great cinematic graphics back then.  What made it huge (I think) is the exciting plot of the story and the fierce battle mode, including the purification method which is just majestic.  The interface is just basic but still functional, that made the kids appreciate this game.  The drama that unfolds in every character is not to be denied, each of them has their own story that highlight their individuality.


Suikoden 2-based on the Japanese epic tale of the Bright shield that can defend through anything sharp and the Black sword that could cut through any shield.  This is by far one of the most well written RPG games out there, the drama is just intense, plus it gave you huge freedom on deciding the outcome of the story.  Not to mention the huge character selection which is not less significant to the main character.  And a collection of side games like the chinchorin, the cooking battle, item completion, and a whole lot more.  Sad that some gamers are taking advantage of the scarcity of the game CD by selling it on an online auction at an unreasonable price.


Final Fantasy VII-The first of the series to use a 3d graphics, it gained a huge followers that led to the creation of a number of movies bearing the same title.  The antagonist of the story played a huge part on making this game one of the most successful Final Fantasy series.  Sephiroth maybe one of the most if not the most popular villain of an RPG game.  That guy is just sick (and I mean it as a compliment)


Lunar Silver Story-they were right when they said that gamers will buy a game console just to experience playing Lunar Silver Story.  The animation sequences is just flawless, but I still think that these game need to have an upgrade version for the new generation to appreciate.  The story will suck you in like a vortex and will never let go of your attention until the end of the game.



So I guess that is what most gamers are looking for, the riveting plot of the story, a grand battle mode, a sick mind of the antagonist, and the huge selection of character which is not less popular than the main character.  Grandiose 3d surroundings will catch our awareness for a minute, but that’s not really what made us played the game.  The curiosity that feeds our mind, the twisted mind of the creator of the game, and the numerous unpredictable twist of the game.  So If you are planning to develop any type of game, create a story wherein a player could not predict the next  scene, include a villain whom the players could relate to and present us with a fresh battle interface, also if you are feeling generous, create a multiple response that gives us a complete freedom on the game.  Send us a buzz if you know a game like this and we will be more than happy to create a review on them.

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