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What’s your favorite game environment?

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What’s your favorite game environment?

While recently taking a road trip across the USA I was introduced to many environment changes from the tropical areas of Florida, the mountainous area of the Rockies, to the desert climate of the southwest. This got me thinking about some of my favorite environments from the games I play and got me thinking about my favorite places I’ve seen in game. Not that these are the best of the best, they are just places I really liked and remembered from different games.

Mos Eisley


One of my favorite is the areas in a game is the desert area are Mos Eisley is Star Wars Galaxies, you remember it from the movies as the place that Luke is warned of being a “hive of scum and villainy”. This one of the best looking environments based on what it looked like in movie, plus it was a great place to find a pvp fight at the drop of a hat. All in all this was one of my favorite areas in game.




Being on a desert zone kick, I must not overlook the desert of Tatooine in SWTOR, the sand looks just like it was blown by the wind and untouched. When it comes to the realistic desert look this is the best by far that I have seen in a game.


Fey Forest near Lumbertown



We must not forget the Fey Forest area of TERA that is one of the better forest areas I have seen in game. The enchanted forest includes beautiful flora and fauna, along with plenty of fairies. Fighting your way to the fairy pond you must fight through hordes of unicorns.






TERA’s village of Chebika is in the zone of Val Areum and acts as a desert Oasis from the rough areas and caves in the surrounding landmasses. This place is where you stock up with goods be venturing out in the more dangerous part of the land.

Refuge Peak



In GuildWars 2 the area in Lurnar’s Pass near Refuge Peak is a mix of rocky mountain peaks and jutted rock lined hilly terrains that are sure to slow you progress through the zone, but at the same time will slow you as you have to stop to just take a look around at world in front of you.


The Ship Graveyard

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In the ARPG Path of the Exile the Ship Graveyard zone is full of dark evils that surround the beaches with hordes of undead along with evil spirits and specters. This is a dreary and evil looking zone, but put together with great visuals and lighting effects.




So as we ask what are your favorite environments in any game that you play? These are just a few of my favorites; I could go on and on…

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