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Wheely 2

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Wheely 2

Developer/Publisher: PegasGames


Wheely 2 is a browser based point-and-click puzzle game produced by Pegas Games and hosted on




Gameplay: In Wheely 2, players play a small red car who, after the first level, sees a pink girl car and immediately falls in love with her. Each level, you interact with both the car and the level by clicking on things, including buttons, toy vehicles, or even wind chimes. The objective of each level is simply to get to the goal, which is always marked with a small red flag.

All of the levels in Wheely 2 are greatly varied, however none of them are difficult at all. It’s actually quite an easy game, perhaps designed for kids, but even without being difficult, it is still overall pretty fun. Each level only uses the mouse to interact with, but the way you interact with each object can be anything from clicking and dragging, to clicking rapidly, to clicking things in the correct order. For a game that only uses the mouse, this helps make it feel like there’s a good variance to the controls.

wheely-2_coolbuddyGraphics: The graphics of Wheely 2 are very nice, with a good color palette, and simple but cute graphics. Buttons and triggers are often quite clear to see, even without the light, white circle that appears around most interactive objects.

Audio: The one area of theme that Wheely 2 falls a short on is in its audio. The sound effects are often quite good, but the music is almost always very unfitting. There are 2 songs that the game randomly decides between at the start of each level to play, neither of which fit much more than menu screen music. In addition, the volume balance between the music and sound effects isn’t great, and the music tends to cover up much of the sound effects. I’d simply recommend that anyone who plays Wheely 2 shuts off the music to play, as the sound effects are actually pretty decent.

Verdict: Overall, for as easy and simple of a game Wheely 2 is, it’s quite fun to play. Unfortunately, it’s a very small game, with only 16 levels, each of which takes about at most a minute. It’s a good game to play if you’re taking a break from homework or actual work. Most of the aesthetics are good, except for the music, which I would recommend anyone playing to simply turn off.

Wheely 2: 4/6




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