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When will we do a GTA5 Review?

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The question of the day seems to be all GTA5 related and when we will review the game?

As other sites have already put up reviews of GTA5, we do not have a relationship with the developer so we have to wait for our copy like everybody else. We believe in honesty so we normally play a game for about 2 weeks (20- 30 hours game play) before passing judgment on any game.

Like I have said in the past others don’t take gaming seriously so they rush to get a review out first and you get what you get. So stay tuned for our review when we get around to finally putting it all down in writing.

Tomorrow is an extremely busy not only because of GTA5 but I will also have a lot of business meetings taking place, so I hope to post a quick first impressions on the GTA5 if get a chance.

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