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Why do some people hate social games?

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Some of the reasons why people might dislike social games is because it is widely associated with Facebook or other social networks. The hassle of giving a certain game too much freedom to post anything on your status is just too much, and I think an invasion of your private page. Games on Facebook are created not for entertainment but for marketing and mind conditioning.

Some of you might started to play candy crush after seeing massive of your friends doing the same thing or after getting a lot of invites from your friends.  Eventually you will be forced to invite more players if you wish to advance further in the game.  This is actually my first time to encounter such rules in the game, which is too much of a bummer especially if your goal is just to entertain yourself with playing games.

The Philippines have several channels, but if you want an access to more variety of channels you have to subscribe to a cable provider.  So these cable channels are getting profit for the subscription while free TVs are being paid for advertisement.  Who do you think produces more quality shows?  It is a fact that Free TV produces a show that is popular to the masses but of lesser quality, as a matter of fact it is crowded by those mellow-dramatic series from day till night, as if they’re not getting too much dose of it.

So how can we relate it to the gaming industry?  Simple, the traditional gaming are like those cable channels, they produce something that gamers are willing to purchase and the social games are tailored for advertisers.  Both of them want your money, but which type is not forcing you to give yours?    What is more alarming is that it is starting to kill the traditional games that we all loved, social games require lesser amount of revenue since they are much affordable to produce compared to other games.

Let us put it this way, on a local subscription channel, whenever you do not like a program, you can call the  station and air you complain and share your thoughts and comments but with free TV  its either you turn off the TV or switch channel.  But once you fell in love with a particular show on free TV it can get very addictive, just like most people playing social games.

Social media are flooded mostly with females and some of those people who are not contributing much for the country’s economy.  If you have time to harvest and plant your crops every hour, then most probably you are not as preoccupied as others.  But it’s just not right to put numbers on games; games are for everyone who is seeking for extra entertainment. And with that, I do not see any reason why most of these social games are just too unimaginative, and full of advertisements.

Traditional games are being played for reason; there is a certain goal that one must achieve, unlike social games that are being played in a redundant manner.  Casual games are somewhat similar to minesweepers and solitaires; we just played it to let time passed by.  It’s a way to cure us of our boredom when in fact it is never entertaining you, just so we can say that we are doing something.  Core Games are nowhere in the level of quality of social games, they are way above them, not because I am just putting them into a higher position, but with larger budget, creative and complicated plots, visually stunning graphics, you can be sure that you are getting what you paid for.

But the large subscriber of Facebook is too hard to ignore, and social gaming is transforming the landscape on how one plays game.  And with more and more social gaming being released day after day, there might be a chance that core games might take the back seat for a while

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