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Winners or Whiners

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One major influence whether I will play a game religiously or not is the ambiance of the game-the attitude of other players inside the game.  I hate it when someone would ask me a question when in fact the answers can be found in the game manual.  I don’t know if he’s illiterate or just a plain ignorant.  I am not trying to be rude here, it is fine when someone asks you one question and you’d refer him to the manual of the game (mostly wikis).  But there are some who would add you up as their friend and would keep on asking until the end of the day, and do expect more questions tomorrow.

So in order for us to avoid some of the mistakes that other players are doing, we decided to list some of those in this article.  So what are these common flaws that gamers on an MMORPG type of game usually commit?  Hopefully these would minimize those “query players”.

  1. Skip button– The skip button is created for people who are fast enough to finish reading even before the conversation is done, but some of you might agree to me that this button is being abuse by some of the players.  Bored players would keep on hitting the skip button until the sequence is done, most often than not these players would have no idea what the quests are or what are the required things to do next.  The next option he’ll probably do is of course ask someone in the game, someone who played this game fairly and who followed the instructions carefully.  Ain’t you ashamed of yourself?
  2. Not talking to the NPCs thus forgetting some vital stuff-NPC (non-player character) are the characters in the game controlled by the computer.  They are those entities inside the game that can give you side quests, grant you attributes and other items.  Some of the players are too concentrated on killing monsters in the game to gain experience, but do remember that some NPCs are more than generous to grant you high experiences. Try to talk to the non-playable character in the game and most of them would give you a hint that can help you finish the next quest.
  3.  Failed on equipping new items– these is probably one of the most irritating attitude of the players I ever experienced.  Someone whining over how weak his character is, without even checking the attributes of his equipment.  Some people would ask how you became so strong when in fact the only difference is the armors and weapons in the game. Notice how some of the equipment in the game has a required level in order for someone to use it or in some instances the strength of a weapon varies depending on the color of the weapons, do they still need to spell it out for you that a level 20 equipment is better than a novice gear?
  4.  Over or under grinding– I hate people who over grind their characters and complains that the game is too easy for them and not bringing them any challenge, furthermore I also hate those players who under grind their characters and whine about how hard the quests are.  There is a term called “doing things moderately”  Achieving a high level at an early part of the game is nowhere fun, the low level monsters are created in the beginning of the game for a purpose, and that is to help you level up.  I really don’t give a damn if you want to grind your character on the high level monster while someone is watching your back but please do not complain why the quests are too easy.  Respect the people, who develop the game, they worked hard for it, if you want to criticize it, make it at least reasonable.

Most often than not the chat bar is being exploited by some of these imbecile players, I don’t know if they are aware that some people are trying to enjoy the game and they are spoiling it.  Whisper chat has a purpose and you might wanna try utilizing that option and not scream to the whole world that you hate this game.  Swearing won’t help you go any further in the game, some of them might be laughing at you on how feeble minded you are, and please LEARN TO READ THE MANUAL.  Some of the player’s time is so limited that the last thing he needs is an insect buzzing on his ear.

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