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World 1-1

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World 1-1

What is World 1-1?

Well it is a documentary series on the history of video games that is currently seeking funding on KickStarter. The first part will focus on rise of Atari and how they created the gaming industry as it is today.

World 1-1 will show how the business deals were made, the personalities of the pioneers and the creations that were made. The documentary will use a combination of several interviews, archival footage, all intertwined to show you the story of the roots of the video game industry in its hay day.

World 1-1 will begin way before the arcade machine even existed and will got into how Atari created the game industry as we know it today. At the time Atari was the fast growing company in America. Many of the key Atari era figures from the time period have already confirmed interviews once the funding is available.


First of all please introduce yourself to our readers, what is your role in World 1-1 and tell them a little bit about yourself.

Our names are Jeanette Garcia and Daryl Rodriguez. We are filmmakers from Miami, Florida.

I’m Jeanette. I’m a Writing and Rhetoric professor at FIU and also assist in film production with Daryl. What adds wonder to my life are video games, films, books, and collaborating and writing about interesting topics and ideas. These interests fuel my creativity.

I’m Daryl. I’m a videographer, that’s what I do for a living. My other passion is video games. I frequent the E3s and the PAXs whenever I can.

Our role includes pretty much everything from writing, directing, and editing the entire piece.

1.      How did this whole project get started?

Daryl and Jeanette: We have been reading up on video game history, and we decided that there is not that much video content out there and took it upon ourselves to make this documentary movie.

 2.      We know gaming is the inspiration for this film, but what are your favorite games?

Jeanette: Some of my favorites are Super Mario, Pokemon, the Legend of Zelda, the Metal Gear series, Heavy Rain, and most recently, The Last of Us.

Daryl: My favorite game of all time is Metal Gear Solid, but the best is Ocarina of Time.  They both came out weeks apart. I don’t think that’ll ever happen again.

 3.      After you make this film, what will be part 2 be about?

Daryl and Jeanette: The next step is obviously Nintendo. The film we are working on now ends in 1983 and that’s when Nintendo starting making their big move.

4.      What did you think is the most important thing to take from the early days of gaming?

Daryl: I would say that you have to look at the entrepreneurial spirit and the spirit of fun, but you also have to realize that its business and that it exists in part due to business decisions made back then.

Jeanette: The technology that was created at the time is sometimes taken for granted nowadays because we have come a long way. Games definitely look different, but a lot of the mechanics that came from that era are essential to the games that developers are producing today. Looking back at what engineers and developers made and how it is reflected in the games we play today, really fascinates me.

 5.      Do you plan to make movies as a career or is this just a one time project?

Jeanette: We definitely want to proceed with this series. We also want to keep making films and we have other script ideas for future films.

Daryl: My career is film making. My other passion is video games. This is a way to marry the two.

Our Support

We get a lot of requests at Beer and Joysticks for helping people with projects and every once in a while one comes along that is special like World 1-1. We always try to do our part to help the small indie productions of games, so why not a help a documentary of games.

World 1-1 has a lot of meaning to me because I was one of those kids that had an Atari and I was addicted right away just as I am about gaming today. The fund that they are seeking is only for the first film of the documentary series and that these interviews will only take place once the funding comes in, so the need our help to get the project completed.

All of us at Beer and Joysticks wish Jeanette and Daryl the best for the World 1-1 project. I can’t wait to see it to completion.

If you can please get over to these sites to give them a hand in funding this project!




2 responses to World 1-1

  1. On October 12th, 2013 at 4:58 pm , Paul Michael Egan said...

    Sounds like a good documentary. Just chipped in $35. Also I’m desperate to see Part 2 about Nintendo as I’m such a Nintendo fanboy.

  2. On October 12th, 2013 at 5:29 pm , Chris said...

    Thanks Paul. This looks to be a great project. I’m really looking forward to this.

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