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World of Warplanes

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 World of Warplanes

Developer: Persha Studia




From the makers of World of Tanks comes their air combat game World of Warplanes.

I will admit I love flight sims and I play them a lot. So With World of Warplanes finally getting the nod to be released I thought it is time to get a review out since I have been playing since early beta.


As you begin you will be amazed at seeing your first air kill and watch as the aircraft falls from the sky.

So far World of Warplanes features aircraft from Germany, the Soviet Union, USA, Japan, and Great Britain. With a count growing after a recent update to just of 100 aircraft there is a plane for everyone.

The game play revolves around 15 versus 15 battles that last no longer than 15 minutes, sometime they last a lot shorter than you can believe.



World of Warplanes has game play that is similar to of other online flight sims that are out there. You start in a hanger with your aircraft and as you play you are able to upgrade parts and train crews to be able to use better equipment.

If you’re a hardcore flight simulator player you might be put off by the dumbing down of controls, but this was done so that people with a keyboard and mouse could play against people who have joysticks and controls. I actually like the fact that you can jump into game without the need to set up a controller.


As you begin the World of Warplanes you are given a few missions to familiarize yourself to and learn the flight controls. These range in missions from flying through hops in the air to learning how to dogfight your first airplane.

It’s a nice gentle way to get you into game without throwing you to the wolves in a PVP environment before know what you’re doing. After you finish these mission you will be ready to take on other players, at least you hope you will be able too.

Your first airplanes in World of Warplanes are very brittle and weak overall. These will need to be upgraded as soon as you acquire enough experience to purchase the upgrades, until then be prepared to get cut to ribbons by the opposing team. Well to be honest even if you have a better plan you will get cut to ribbons anyway, it’s just the nature of the game.


Some battles you will have little or no luck and you will be shot up and out of the game faster than snapping your fingers. Just gain the little experience and start-up another battle with a different airplane.

As you progress you will be able to fly better aircraft, have much be equipped and trained crews. It really doesn’t take you long to pick up some skills and start getting air kills. has also dropped all Pay to Win items from the store, so you be reassured that the playing field is level for everyone. So your hard work in-game will actually mean something over time as your kills rack up.



Let me put to you this way, looking around and enjoying the environment will get you shot down. I guarantee it happens to you at least a couple of times before you wise up. Hell I still have it happening to me today.

World of Warplanes is graphically some of the most beautiful landscapes that you will see in a flight sim.



The sounds and music are much on par with what you get in World of Tanks. With being said there is very little to complain about with the sounds in World of Warplanes.


World of Warplanes is and can be a bit frustrating if you have a bit of bad luck and get shot down in a few seconds after starting a game, but hang with it for a few battles and everything might change.

After you have upgraded you aircraft you will see you can do a little more and more each battle. One thing I wish they would consider doing is allowing you to fly more than one aircraft per battle, similar to that of what War Thunder does.

Flight controls in World of Warplanes still need some tweaking, but they are getting better with each update. I think this will be a much better game in a few months down the road with the right updates.

Verdict 4 of 6


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