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Would you like to see more dynamic event in games?

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dynamiceventsAs seen Rift and Guildwars 2 and a few others, the introduction to dynamic events. Do you want to see this in other games and would be effective in other games? Some people think this was one of the best ideas ever integrated into an online, while other can’t stand there presence.

Dynamic events are nothing new to gaming, I remember developers starting events without notice in a lot of games I played. Now the craze is to program them into a game not having the devs out there in character form providing the action.

Let’s face it there are a few games that seem way too wide open large zones with nothing in them and I think those areas could really take advantage of a dynamic event system like Rift does.

One of the major points I see a lot is the fact that these events are unpredictable and a lot of time they spawn faster than intended, leaving a few of us in a struggle to leave the current zone.

I also seem to lose a lot of time, by having to play longer once one of these events opens up. You are obligated to see these to the end to get the bonus xp for completing.

As it stands now dynamic events are somewhat of a novelty in current generation of game, but once these are developed a little more this could be a great feature and selling point for a game. It’s really a love hate relationship for most people which to us I can see it in both lights. It will be great to see what the future holds for dynamic in MMO’s.


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