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Xbox One is determined to beat PS4

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The former vice president of game publishing for Xbox, Ed Fries has presented a plan that could help Microsoft improve its sales on the battle of the consoles.  He said that it depends on Microsoft’s services and software.    First target would be the games, obviously Xbox One need more exclusive and good games, Microsoft should start approaching those indie developers since they have more originality and creativity.  Xbox need to do an aggressive take on the free-to-play games.  Furthermore they need to push the popularity of Xbox Live and maintain it as a top service online.

As of March 2014, Sony is in the lead when it comes to market sales,  Sony has sold more than a total of 6 million units which is doubled compared to a 3 million units sold by Xbox One last 2013.  Microsoft has yet to release their sales figure this 2014, but based on the figures, chances are, they would still be lagging behind.

Fries, is also not completely engulfed on the idea of VR.  He believes that they will encounter a similar defeat, just like the suffering that the 3D Television experienced.  He also gave a hint about some cool stuff that Microsoft is planning but apparently it has nothing to do with Virtual Reality.

Though Microsoft is also reported to be working on its own Virtual reality product,  he thinks that the idea of VR would only excite the hardcore gamers, the general consumers is still after the simpler consoles that would only serve as a utility to let time pass by.  Microsoft has already spent an amount of 150 million US dollar for their VR concept.

But regarding this step, consumers are a bit skeptical about Fries’ plan.  Most of them are excited about the VR project of Sony and Facebook considering there are a lot of good feature that it offers.  Plus they are not fully convinced that a company can just beat a leading company all of a sudden, they believe that it’s going to take more than that to defeat PS4 in the console games.  But who knows?  Xbox one has been getting upgrades and additional features over the last few years.  Xbox has presented more exclusive features.  It might be better if Microsoft would stop presenting a new set of rules that suddenly appear out of nothing.


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