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Yitien-Changing the Landscape of Browser-Type Games

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Yitien is an oriental themed browser type of game that you can access using your facebook account or a google account.  From the company that brought us Wartune and Broken Realm, Yitien exposed the rich culture of Chinese civilization.   R2Games  started their open beta test last April 9, 2013,   the game revolves around the story of your character who is set to bring back the peace and order to the entire ancient civilization of the Chinese Empire.


Examine how detailed even the surrounding, Yitien cleary focus in creating a stunning imagery (Game element is like a mix of Torchlight 2 and pockie games) 

The game is kinda like a typical MMORPG games that you need to grind up your character in order for it to achieve a higher strength,  But this one is a little more complicated since you also have to increase the level of your pet (in my case it’s a Panda), the level of your guild, and a lot of side quests that will keep you busy the entire day.  There is a one commendable event in this game wherein a player can conceal himself as a Yeti and climb the Kunlun mountain and defeat the other monster, this quest is fun since it is difficult to determine the character whether it is a real Yeti or another player in the game.

Players who played Suikoden saga are hard to please when it comes to oriental type of games, Suikoden already achieved a certain level and I believe they are hard to topple on that genre.  I am totally disappointed when I played Khan online before since I am expecting a high level of standard from it (considering it takes ages for their game to download), so I was a bit hesitant in playing Yitien, but I gave it a thought that it’s a browser game and it won’t take so much of my time, so I decided to take a look at it.  And to my surprise it is way better than other browser games that I played, you will definitely paused for a moment to enjoy that stunning visual effect, you can be assured that the developers definitely took time in creating it, watch closely on how detailed the flowers of Ceressa is, it’s not like everyday that you see a browser game as comprehensive as this.

Pet interface

Pet interface where you can enhance the attributes of your pet


Character Tab, you don’t really need to open it that frequently since there are notifications appearing every now and then that let you alter his equipment without even opening this option

The oriental sound suits the mood of the game and the storyline is not to be denied, but having said that, they could have used less flowery words to make it more concise.  The use of a long-winded narration is not suitable for an MMORPG games, it makes it a lot boring and will cause the player to just skip the story.  (which is not good, since you want them to stick on the game a lot longer).

The battle interface is a big downside of this game (hate me!  As if I care).  You have a little control on the battle interface and it is less action packed, which is a bit disappointing since this is inspired by kung fu and martial arts and we are expecting flashy moves and dramatic fights.


 The boring battle mode

R2games lived up to it promise on bringing us quality games.  With no doubt Yitien is by far one of the most grandiose browser games out there.   Its exquisite visual and sound effect will capture the hearts of our Asian gamers and other people who are sick and tired of those medieval themed online games.   This game offers us some option you won’t find in other games; like intruding into the quest of other players by robbing him of a valuable carriage, a chance to team up with other players to be able to finish a quest.

 Heavenly peak

One of the event in the game


Majestic  audio visual effect

Commendable storyline

Laudable side quests

Marvelous game events


Boring narration

Other people playing the games (Please hire a chat moderator)

Less entertaining battle interface

Will I advised everyone to play this game?  Hmmm lemme see, if you are looking for a way to cure you of your boredom then play this game. As I’ve said it won’t take too long to download a huge file since it is a browser type of game, but will this be a game that will be the talk of the netizens?  I think not,  2  or 3 years from now (or a little sooner) this game will be forgotten.  It lacks a luster on things that hardcore gamers are searching for and that is an action packed game it seems that the developers put too much effort on the scenery and forgot to pay attention on the battle interface.

Verdict: 4 of 6






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