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You meet the craziest people in game.

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You meet the craziest people in game.

Well crazy might be a bit harsh, maybe I should have said different. Anyway here is just a few of the people I have met in the last couple months playing games.

The Shy One: The person was really enthusiastic about joining our guild but now that this person is part of our family they act as though they want to do thing, but not in a group because they are nervous in a group or around a lot of people.

This person really needs to open up and I hope they do because you can tell there a good person just a little shy, I’ll wait a few more days to see if they come out of there shell.

The Perfectionist: This person is very is a good guild mate, but can get very anxious and nervous when things are out of place around the old guild hall. This person must finish a task assigned before moving on.

This person will make a great guild mate or maybe even an officer someday if they can learn to get over things a bit faster, but at the same time their dedication to performing one thing very well might benefit to the guild as a whole.

The Sick Bay Warrior: This person is full of insecurity, and worry that is all rolled into a giant complaint. This person isn’t really sick they plays the “I’m not really good enough to play the game” game. This person is similar to the bragger below, except they complain about minor issues that becomes somewhat of a plague to guild activities.

This person actually plays the game just needs to work on their skill level with that there insecurity will wane. You need to establish a cheering section for this person so that they feel as the accomplished something good.

The Apologizer: This person is another one that has similarities to the “Sick Bay Warrior”. They play the game always apologetic and will always say everything is there fault even though it isn’t really.

The apologizer needs time to get used to the environment in game and needs some kind words from current members to open up a bit more so that they can progress as a good guild mate.

The Bragger: This person can’t wait tell everyone of their exploits and of their recent adventure in which game you play. They brag about how they are much more skilled than the average play, but never want any group action with guildies. This person is more of a story teller than active participant in guild activities.

The Bragger can be an anchor that pulls the ship under from a guild standpoint. You need to make sure that claims made by this person is truthful, but that could be hard to substantiate from the stories. 

So can the Bragger even play this game at all? I’m not really sure because I’ve never seen what they can do in game, but I sure do hear about it every day in guild chat.

So this is what you have to look forward to and meeting in game, not really. I just have had a good run the last couple months, but you still will meet some characters in an MMO game.

Have you ever met any crazy people in game?


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